How do you move knights after they have been placed?

  • How do you move a knight along your road network after they have been built?
    any help would be much apreciated

  • @TheBigT You can simply click on the knight, when it's activated and you will see different otpions (upgrade the knight, move the knight, or remove the robber).

  • Well @Administrator there are major bugs on moving knights.

    On a recent game, I was gonna cut the long road to an opponent and probably win on my next turn, but it did not allow me to move a level-3 knight over a level-1. And the player got victory on his turn.

    Let me explain. I placed a road to reach the other player's road. The first knight I had to cut the road was a level-1, and was on the closest intersection. So I wanted to use my level-3 knight further, because my level-1 would have been pushed by the player's level-2. Could not jump over my level-1. The rules say you can move a knight ANYWHERE along the road. I have been in many games where other players have complained they could not move their knights and it changed the outcome of the game.

    Which leads us to the second problem. You cannot move a knight from roads to boats, even if there is a settlement as a joint between both. Again, the rules says it can be moved anywhere alond the road, which applies to boats in Seaferer. So I was gonna move a knight on the main island to cover a gold mine on a small island. The little circles appeared only on the roads on the main island.

    I hope you can address these issues for the next upgrade.

  • Is this a PlayCatan or Catan Universe issue? It seems like Universe to me.

  • Yes @Stroom Catan Universe

  • administrators


    Thanks for reporting Athus. I've already forwarded this to the QA and development teams to address.

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