More options for auto match

  • The deal is you either play with just friends or you have no friendly robber. In the old version, you had a million settings whether or not you had friends, universe you only have about 4 options if you are not playing against friends. Is it just because of early testing, or are more auto match options something that needs to be added?

  • Having more options for auto match means that it takes more time to start a game. The main point of the matchmaker is to find games quickly, faster than on PlayCatan. Also, since Catan is a very customisable game, a lot of these customisations have to be disabled in order to make matchmaker work fast. This completely negates the reasons why matchmaker is used and therefore no more options should be added. Every week someone suggests adding one more variable for the matchmaker.
    Friendly robber is one of the main options used in PlayCatan. Almost all 3 player games are started with it.

    I do not see any way you can make the matchmaker worth it. There are far too many options and far too few players to make the matchmaker work. Lobby IS faster in general for a game like Catan - you can see all pending games and you decide whether you like the options of a game or not. @Administrator please.

  • @Stroom I had no idea that's why there were no options. Didn't realise there was a post every week about this either. It just seems a little unfair only friends playing can have friendly robber etc, unless you're up against computer. There may be a way around this though (hopefully). Like adding in another play option, or the free match option allowing not just friends or computer.

  • @Stroom

    Why are you everywhere hijacking peoples threads with your lobby discussion. Please start your own discussion thread and keep it there.

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