Longest road tie

  • Hi,

    In my last game I've built a continuous road length 8 (not interrupted by other players settlements) and was holding the longest road card. Another player built some road segments to his own and he tied me with length 8 and suddenly he won the game by taking over the longest road card. The longest road icon on my dashboard showed 8 and was yellow, his showed 8 and was white, meaning he took it over, right?
    According to the rules one has to build a longer road (with at least 1 piece) to take over the longest road. Am I right?

  • @rufusz You are right about the rule (in order to take the longest road from someone else, you need to build a longer road, not an equal one).
    But I think you are wrong about him taking over your longest road and your points. Do you have a screenshot by any chance ?
    Typically, the one player that has the longest road has the longest road icon of his color. If yours was yellow (and I guess you were the yellow player), this is because you had the longest road, and you had the two extra points. In the meantime his longest road icon was white, and there is no white player, so it means that he did not earn the longest road.
    I hope that's clear enough...

  • @maloufr thx for the reply. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot. I just wanted to make sure the longest road rule is clear for me also :) Yep, you are right, I was the yellow player.
    Topic can be closed.

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