Multiplayer with AI Freezing ALL THE TIMES!

  • this bug is really annoying and very disappointing. i tried two times to play with a friend and the AI but everytime at some point the game freezes when its the turn of AI. it keeps showing the loading icon and nothing happens. the game is set to 150 sec per round though. please do something otherwise we cant play anymore. thank you!

  • i actually lost karma points for having to quit the games... another time my friend had to quit so the game started again after an AI took his place...
    i only played 4 times catan on your network and 3 times we couldn't finish the game

  • I've noticed in multiplayer games if someone quits or looses connection(doesn't return after countdown), that it you click the checkmark to continue with AI - THAT AI is super slow with its turns.

    Single player AI is super fast

  • BTW, yesterday when i played with my friend and an AI, we both tried to disconnect from the internet, thinking that the game will unfreeze. it only unfreezed when my the game from my friend crashed out of blue (the characters were unreadable) and it was assigned in his place an AI

  • administrators


    There is no difference between Single-Player and Multi-Player replacement AI players. If the AI seems stuck, please let us know about the exact ingame situation (preferrably with a screenshot) so that we can analyze the problem.

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