Can I start a game with one friend?

  • I wanna play this with someone I know and one random player, is this possible?

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    Currently the custom match lobby only allows you to invite friends and add AI players. We don't automatch players into costum games, as these allow for a wide range of options, e.g. very high VP limits. We don't want players to be automatically matched into custom games that could require a much higher playtime due to a high VP setting as this would cause an increase in games being quitted.

  • Why not give the player the details of the game and ask them if they want to enter into this game before the final selection is made. This would make for far less game abandonment. It would also allow for far more freedom in game assignment settings because each player would have the choice to accept or decline (and maybe suggest alternate selections) before committing to the game with the only option as quitting to try to find a game set-up that they really want to play.

  • Or... a lobby? So you can see all the starting games with all the options at the same time. There are about 20 games to choose from most of the time. Won't take long for a player to choose a game. More visible game settings invites people to try different variations rather than playing the same old basic 3 player games.

  • I'd like to see a way to do what dons91 is asking. Playing with an AI is not the same and does not impact you ELO...

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