Can we get Sticky Menu Options

  • Can the options at the auto-match screen be sticky so they don't reset every time we finish a game. I prefer the first island scenario but each time I have to uncheck the 'Ore For Wool' and 'The Harbourmaster' scenario. I would like if they would remain unchecked.

    On that note can we also change the default option to be '3 or 4 player'. It's impossible to have 4 player games because people tend to not change the defaults.

  • administrators


    Thanks for your suggestions. We're working on a new menu anyway. However changing the default player option to '3 or 4 players' is also already planned.

  • Regarding default player number - in case you as many of us are interested in 4 player game I guess that should be default as it is more fun and competitive.

    Plus I am not sure but so far it seems that if you choose 3 or 4 player option as soon as you get 3 game is started rather than waiting for the it seems that 3 player game prevails.

  • 3 or 4 player could have a timer so that it launches if a 4th can not be found in a specified time. I like that idea b/c it gives flexibility depending on how many players are online at that given time.

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