Matching player speed

  • To answer some of the questions that are discussed here:

    1. We will alter the default setting (you can always change it if you want) for Auto-Match to 3 or 4 player game. This means the matchmaker will look for 3 other players for a 4 player match. If it can´t find a 4th player in a reasonable time a 3 player game will start.

    2. My colleague ask me to look into the numbers of the player base we are currently hosting in Catan Universe and the number of multiplayer games they are playing.

    We are hosting (depending on the weekday) about 7K to 9K useres per day.

    Our users play about 3700 to 4200 multiplayer matches excluding the custom matches (because they don´t use the matchmaker). This means that every 2,5 - 3 minutes a multiplayer games is started.

    Please keep in mind that these are average numbers and depending on the weekday or time you are playing they may differ from your personal experience.

  • Thank you @Administrator

  • Not so small community after all :)

    @Administrator what will be the "reasonable time"?

  • Great news! Do you have a time frame for changing the default to 4 player?

  • administrators

    The interval for the switch from 4 to 3 player-search (and back again to 4 if needed) is set to 15 seconds.

    Regarding the time frame for the implementation of the new default matchmaking setting: You can expect them to be included as one little part in the upcomming big update which will change a lot of things in Catan Universe. Our goal is it to roll out the update in the next weeks, depending on our internal testing.

  • @Administrator Great! Can't wait to see the updates.

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