new player question

  • Hi
    first of all i have to say the game is really gets close to the board one
    i got addictad
    but i have some question

    1. how do i play more than 3 players game? can i do it with random ppl or just friends?

    2.what guilds are?

    3/ how does karma hurt ppl? does it chooses player with more karma first?

  • Hey!

    1. in auto-match there is a slider (+ / -) near player choice. So if you want to play only 4 player games choose that option rather than 3 player or 3or4 player game as latter one usually will end up being 3 player game as it is easier to fix and majority of this community I dont know why play 3 player game.
      Have not played 4 player game ever here - too board to wait for it.
      As for how to create a game for just friends (locked) I dont know here - never tried, have no friends :)
      As for usual auto-match option - that will give you random opponents alright.

    2. Guilds are like clans / teams - group of people.

    3. Karma just shows how reliable you are as a player, how much games you finish. Otherwise it has been stated by admins that it has no other goal. Also if you use an option (tick Karma box in auto-match) then it will take that into account and match you with players who has similar karma. If you leave that box unticked - karma is ignored in matchmaking.

    Have fun, dont quit (many) games!

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