Freeze after building ship to a tile with hidden chip

  • On the Greater Catan map using the Cities and Knights expansion, I've encountered a freeze several times in which I build a ship to a resource which is not under fog but whose number chup is unrevealed. The game fails to reveal the number and then freezes, preventing the game from advancing.

    Using chrome.


    Note in the game log the message: KNF:catan_gamelog.seafarer_PlaceValueChip

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    @absinthome did you see the glow over the " 5 of wool" next to your village. Have you been able to klick on it?

  • Yeah, that's not a bug. At that stage of the game, there are no more chips to be revealed, you need to move a chip from the main island to your newly "discovered" hex. In order to select the chip to move, you need to click on it (hence the "glow" on the 5 sheep and the 6 wood on the main island, which are the only 2 chips you can move based on the complex set of rules used to determine which chip can be moved).

  • Ugh. I'm dumb. Thanks!

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