Couple of bugs

    1. We were playing Cities and Knights, and a few times my husband and I were unable to trade. This is usually due to a blocked action, but it's not obvious which action it is. Examples:
      a. No message when you need to place a Metropolis
      b. No message when you need to select a value chit to place on a blank space, such as in the largest game (arg! can't remember name...). You need to select a value on the large island and then place it on your new tile
    2. When you are playing greater catan (is that the name of the largest one?) There is no indication of which value chits you can select to move to your new tile. You have to randomly click until it displays. Should be blinking to indicate
    3. When we played the Resources Monopoly in C&K, it stole all resources. It is only supposed to take 2 resources in C&K
      When playing Greater Catan, I had situations where the robber could not be placed on certain tiles. I have a screenshot if you would like it.
    4. When starting a game, the robber is placed on a tile. It should be off the board starting on water. This is not fair to a player who selects that tile. In the old game it was not on the board

    All of these were working properly in the old catan online, as well as Jason Fugate's Cities3d

  • Able to replicate issue with not being able to place the robber in great catan four player game on all spaces. I have screenshots.

  • Regarding #2, the chips you can move are "glowing". It is not always very clear, but if you look closely you can see the glow (cf Also, if you open the almanach, you can see the rules that determine wich chips you can move.

    Regarding #4, I agree that it is fairly unpleasant, yet, this is the way it is in the actual boardgame manual... It is placed on the desert when there is a desert, and on a specific tile, depending on the scenario, when there is no desert tile.

    Ragarding the other issues, I'll let @administrators do their job...

  • @Anahid

    My reply:

    1. If trade is blocked there is some pending action from a player like, discarding resource cards due to a robber, discarding progress cards due to having 5 not on his/her turn, selecting resource due to aqueduct effect, placing Metropolis, choosing a knight to desert, choosing cards to give away (wedding card) or discard (saboteur).
      Maybe I have missed anything but to sum it up - you should know the rules before playing a game!
      Same applies to chip placement. And they are actually highlighted - sort of silver lining. Depending on display and display setting + your eyesight it might or might not be visible, that is true.

    2. Same as above + you should know the rules, they quite clearly state which chips are the first, second or third choice.

    3. It does in C&K, haven't encountered situation when it takes all available cards if above 2. Resource monopoly takes 2 max, trade monopoly 1 max.

    4. Not sure what rules say but I guess if there is no desert hex it should be placed somewhere randomly. Actually have had games where it says there for a while given 7 rolls in the first turn of barbarians or does not roll at all.

  • I know the rules of Catan... I've been playing for well over 15 years.

    1: My point is other online games do give a message stating a Metropolis needs to be placed and other actions. Regarding 1.b, II will check for a glowing chip on those I can move, although I didn't see it. I'll play it again.

    3: The Resources Monopoly only happened once, again, I know that should only happen in normal & sea farers, but all agreed it took all. We tend to play C&K primarily, we prefer it. No screenshot of this

    1. Regarding the pirate - I pulled out my manual from Seafarers and you are correct on those maps - so sorry. The odd part is the start which says "Place the Pirate piece near the board before the game begins. The Pirate can affect the game in three ways... (and it continues). ", but then it does show where to place, so accept my apologies.

    No number, but In numerous games, we've been unable to place the robber on various tiles. I have screenshots showing it cannot be placed. That doesn't only happen in Greater Catan, just happened in Fog Islands and also Oceania. I'll be happy to email the screenshots if needed. I should be able to place it anywhere.

    Also... understand I love playing. I'm delighted to see I report bugs for a living, so I report them... okay? :)

  • About the screenshots: there is indeed no way to post screenshots directly into your message, but people have usually used a third party image hosting service such as or where you can upload your screenshot in a few clicks, without creating an account, and then share the link on your message.

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