Games keep bugging out and cant finish not one game....

  • I keep having to leave the games because someone or I bug out.. and cant even finish one game because of it. Keeps saying time out error or that someone has already performed that issue.

  • I have been facing similar issues. Out of 4 games I was only able to finish 1.
    My brother and I were playing together and once we got the "Action has already been processed" error, it would act as though I was not reacting at all. Then it would count down to zero and give the option to continue with an AI or quit.

    When this game works it is FANTASTIC! I hope these bugs get resolved soon! Thanks for the great game CATAN!

  • I haven't been able to play a game for last 2 days either due to the same issue. I really hope someone is looking into this. I t was working great...I even uninstalled and reinstalled the program in hopes it would clear it up, but that didn't work either. I'm guessing they installed an update with a bug.

  • "Request already been processed" and "timed out" errors every minute. Game unplayable. We are back 6 monts ago.
    @administrators are you gonna fix this ?

  • You can't put much faith in this development if every time there is a national holiday the servers crash.

  • Hi, the server is terrible. We cannot play at all.. this is really bad for this great game. Please CATAN UNIVERSE do something or at least inform us so we don't waste our time.

  • Yep - same problem here. Can't even finish a game let alone start one. Other players keep getting the countdown of death and they aren't even reloading or disconnected. Really, really slow everything. Totally unplayable right now...


  • Thanks for the reports about the issues with the mutiplayer. We are on it and investigating the issues. Unfortunately this takes longer then usual:

  • Please let us know when it is fixed otherwise I wasted ~20 min yesterday as game "kicked" player not in the very beginning as few days ago but actually well into the game.

    Annoying holidays...

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