Random WTF

  • Not sure if today is the day or this game just behaves weird when your connection is loaded.

    Today I was trading during the game with player who was kicked due to connection issue.

    After 3rd player said it was my turn but I saw his turn + timer running as in connection issue case.

    Eventually both were kicked :D

  • Update: seems to be the bug - other players confirmed same thing.

    Game is unplayable today and kicking people out!!!!!! @Administrator this is Merry Christmas go us all?! :evergreen_tree:

  • the game is being straight dumb today.. everything is bugging.. cant play not one game...wihthout a bug.. havent been able to finish not one game today.. T__T

  • Same here. Today, I am getting bugs every single game that prevent the game from even playing out.

    If I even get a board to show up and people don't get disconnected (which happens usually), then I get random error messages, after which everyone gets disconnected. After successfully getting into about 4 games (after trying to get into about 20), I have been bugged out of all of them.

  • I guess the issue is still present today...cant say for sure as other two players didn't read / respond to chat but one of them just suddenly dc in the middle of the turn while it was still 3/3/4 points and no signs of true attacks...

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