Game is unplayable because of quitters

  • @administrators @Developers @KOSMOS @Moderators the game is unplayable because of quitters. What are you going to do to solve this issue? If this goes on like this I have 2 options:

    1. Stop playing catan online
    2. Become a quitter myself

    Today I was not able to finish a single game. In the link below you can see a screenshot of my last game (names of opponents erased). Right before placing the winning settlement both my opponents quit the game. This sort of behavior is most common and very few games can be finished without someone quitting.


    Of course there could be the 3'rd option: reopening registrations for Play Catan until you can provide a working game in Catan Universe.

    Here is the text in Play Catan:
    PlayCatan was officially closed. However, it will still be available for existing users of PlayCatan during the course of the early access phase (open test and development phase) of the new Catan Universe game platform. A registration of a new account is not possible anymore. If you want to play Catan online, you can do that on Catan Universe.
    To the Catan Universe website

    What are you talking about? You can not play catan online on Catan Universe because it is unplayable. The correct way would be to say "you can try playing catan on Catan Universe ... maybe you will get 1 game out of 5, or more if you do your best not to win so opponents won't quit".
    And how is it fair to be opened for registered users but not for new ones?

    Please tell us why don't you reopen registration on Play Catan until you have a working game here?

    And why are you trolling us? So many issues are reported here by users in the last year and I see no improvement. You can't even solve the chat word wrapping issue?! Seriously guys? Come on!

    PS: the turn timer seems to not work anymore. I have noticed that for a while now if a player decides to not make any action, the turn does not end. What happened?

  • The Administrator is going to avoid answering most of these questions. Somebody in the chain of command does not care about us.

  • Yep, they definitely need a timeout for quitters, but I don't think they can do that because the game is unplayable due to bugs and disconnecting people. There are probably a lot of quitters, but at least lately, I can barely even get a game going without game breaking bugs/error messages/disconnecting.

  • Is the "karma" working ? That could discourage some of the quitters.
    Also when someone quits and is replaced by an AI, why does it prevent any changes in ELO ? The quitter should be considered an looser for ELO purposes and the winner of the game should still see his/her ELO go up.

  • Karma is working...but I guess it does not do much.
    First I thought that it affect the roll but I guess it does not.
    Then I thought that you will not get matched vs players with bad karma, but that is true ONLY i you check that option in auto-match (if you do you will have to wait for the game forever)...

    Regarding ELO - there has been a lot of similar suggestions, no repose from @Administrator yet... hard to say why as this suggestion is quite popular and I guess makes sense to everyone. Maybe not as easy to implement in gamecode...

  • @mrolimpia112 Really ? I'd be curious to see how the karma actually works because I quited a few games for various reasons, including one today, and my karma is still at 5 stars.

    Also, the ELO seems not to be working very well anyway. I still don't understand if the points are added to my C&K or Seafarer ELO when playing both extensions at the same time. Also for whatever reason, i'm not listed in the ELO leaderboards...

  • You see now why matchmaker is a horrible solution? There are not enough players to make it work. You have to play with totally random people in order to get a game in normal time. And the @Administrator will ignore everyone who suggest doing anything they have not planned to do yet. They do not really care about our suggestions if it means more work for them.

    Even if the matchmaker gets any better there is no way it would make you create a desired settings game faster than a lobby would. If you still allow this to continue, people WILL stop playing this game because of all the quitters.

    Let's face it. Catan is a gateway game so all kinds of people will come to play this game. People who see that the game does not go their way and quit the game or get bored after a while. This happens more to Catan than any other online board game due to that reason. So, if you want to get rid of the quitters, allow lobby game creation. It solves so many problems: faster game creation, allowing to keep lower karma people away (seriously, fix your karma first), more possibilities of creating games with variant rules rather than the same 3-player games.

  • @maloufr as lately hinted by developers Karma is actually quite easy to maintain at 5 star level.
    They mentioned something like 5 games to get 1 star so you can pretty much go from 1 star to 5 star karma in few day's time.
    Plus some of the quitters still force the game close which technically is not a quit but a lose of connection => does not affect stats. So you can see quite often a quitter with crazy high stats.

    As for ELO - so far it has been told that it is used in auto-match option to find you suitable players. ELO should be showing your skill but given above said you will still get matched not only with good players with higher ELO but also quitters.

    What I have noticed when I started playing CU - if you ELO drops below 1000 you are pretty much stuck with quitters or players who dont know how to play the game and it was really hard for me to get out of there thanks to quitters + my lack of knowledge at a time.

    @Stroom another epic post :) sometimes I think that you are bot :P

  • Someone has to constantly criticize the developers. Otherwise you will be stuck with a buggy game. If you look at their other games, people have complained about several problems in their "finished" games. I guess they do not care once the game is out so early access is the only chance to get any word into the development of this game features. Sadly seems like they are already going the way they are. I guess we have to wait another 10 years to get a better (official) online Catan game. Hopefully they will change the developers.

    You see the problems but you say that this is just a temporary thing, the developers are working hard to fix it... It has been a YEAR and nothing has changed. Only less questions are answered now.

  • About Karma! I don't know why and how, but I am stuck with 3 Karma stars. Every game that I finish in statistics it shows me ELO points gained, experience and Karma, and Karma is 3 stars, every time. Why is that? I never got 4 or 5 stars.

  • Either a but or you are a far as I know as long as you finish the game even if you are in the last place karma gain is positive in all cases...

    Took me maybe a week to go from 4 to 5 stars in the beginning and i didn't play more than few games a day and even not every day.

  • @mrolimpia112 , 2 screenshots of my last 2 games from today, both with 3 Karma stars, and it has been so from the beginning for me. I rarely quit games so I don't think that is the reason.

    Game1: [IMG][/IMG]
    Game2: [IMG][/IMG]

    Note: in game 2 one guy quit

  • I mean you should ask developers / admins about the stats for Karma.
    I am just saying what I have seen in this forums so far.

    There has also been a debate about is there any sub-division of Karma - for example you having karma 3 with X points but someone else has karma 3 with Y points. So far it has been denied. Karma is integer from 1 to 5.

    Thus you might need those 5-15 games to jump a star, will not happen right away in 2 games.

    And eventually who cares as developers has stated it karma does not affect your "luck" in the game just shows others that you maybe are not the most trustworthy person and as long as people dont put karma filter in auto-match that parameter is pretty much useless => you should not care :)

  • @maloufr the problem is not the quitter.. the quitters is quitting because the game is no fun to play on the current platform

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