Rematch option at end of game

  • There should totally be a rematch button on the end-game screen (perhaps an icon above the quit door icon?).

    Some times you have great players, and would just love to play again with the same peeps. This would totally save the pain of having to exit and go through matchmaker again (and most likely NOT get matched to the same people, and potentially to be matched with a quitter/unpleasant player).

    Surely this would be an easy feature to add?

  • Add players as your friends and if I am not mistaken there is an option to play vs friends / invite friends to a game.

    I personally dont like rematch and also from health and safety reasons you should have a break of 5-15 min after each hour spent at PC :)

  • I think a rematch is a good idea. Also, adding everyone as a friend and inviting them to the game takes about 2 minutes whereas clicking one button takes one second.

    What if one of the guys does not want to play but everyone else does? Have to go back to the matchmaker and hope you will get into a game. That would suck. But if you could manually create a game in lobby, you could wait for another player. Yeah, there is a risk that the players who remake the game might play as a team but that is what the new report button is for, right?

    Playing with randoms is not fun. If you know your opponents play honorably, having a rematch is a godsend. But all that would work best with a lobby (if you manage to not @£$€ it up too).

  • @BlueMythril i agree

  • @BlueMythril You are absolutely correct here!

    Rematch option is a must have improvement.

  • administrators

    Thanks for the suggestion. Would you rather see a direct rematch (same map, settings etc.) or a new automatch with the same people (but on random map based on your automatch preferences) or maybe an automatic custom game invite for the players?

  • It would be a welcome addition. But not playing exactly the same game. I'd like a new map etc.
    Perhaps there can be a checkbox or a switch (that everyone can see) so you can choose not to play again before the game ends?

  • Great option; different map.

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