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    So I made a post about 5 months ago suggesting that this game incorporate in-game dice statistics. Has there been any update or discussion about this with the development team? I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate this feature.

  • We should have more than dice statistics - how many resources each player has picked up and how many they have used for building and how many they have lost to robbery/monopoly/trading etc. The whole economy stats. Just look at PlayCatan stats. Really not that hard.

  • I agree, I really hope they decide to add these features soon.

  • I disagree. I believe that this type of information must remain confidential to prevent unfair strategizing in the late game.

  • @ADCake Please ignore this man. He is a menace to society.

  • @ADCake - what do you mean by that?

    1. The dice rolls in the past do not affect the dice rolls in the future. Having that knowledge is just a good thing for the players to see.

    2. The resources gathered-used-lost statistics are very good to roughly determine who is in the lead without looking at the board.

    3. If you think that seeing that stat would be unfair then you are wrong. All this is public info anyway. A good player would mentally keep track of it. It is only unfair for the leader because it is more clear to see that he is in the lead. So what? The game is mainly about bashing the leader until someone else wins.

    The info shown does not say what resources anyone has at the moment, only the number of resources gathered. There can be knight or robber steals so in that case you don't know what resources are left in that players hand etc.

  • I actually would agree with @ADCake - this is part of the game: seeing whats going on, what rolls what does not roll, who gets what.

    Actually log file i already an extra!

    If we would have full interface with all possible stats I mean who would have time to actually analyze all that info in 90 sec per turn?

    Plus who cares really especially given that in this game it is either of the case - few numbers roll like crazy and you can not notice that only if you are afk all the time when it is not your turn or you are purely stupid/have some mental issues. Or next case when roll is quite evenly it really makes almost no difference what has rolled as every number can be the next and your decision probably will depend more on other game factors.

  • Really? Can't analyze easy tables in less than 90 seconds? Come on! PlayCatan statistics on the bottom - updated after each player action/turn/dice roll. You only have to read the 4 numbers on top right row under Overview.
    You only need to look at it for 10 seconds tops and you know what to do.

    The 90 second timer is also horrible. Under NO circumstances should the game force you to end your turn. You can never know what difficult situation you are in. You might need to consider trading with multiple opponents and making decisions what to build in order to block someone else from winning. And if they are also slow to respond to chat and trade offers... You see that 90 seconds strict timer is horrible. But it is easier for the developers to just throw some $#!7 together for us and work on fixing their numerous other games out there. They really don't care about Catan anymore, it will never bring them any money. And since the catan licence owners do not let anyone else run an official online game we have to deal with this.

    Not adding useful features is just lazy. I could probably write a script on top of Catan Universe to display me the same statistics if I wanted to but why should I do that if the developers are getting paid to do it? Why couldn't even fix a simple word wrap in 2 months.

  • On the contrary @Stroom, I believe turn timers are a necessity. Considering that I desire fun, yet enticingly competitive matches, personally I would have a genuinely strong lust for turn timers. I believe you are mistaken that the timers are limited to 90 seconds as there are options for 180 seconds. Using the common SI conversion for seconds to minutes, that is 3 minutes. I believe that is a substantial time to make a strategical move whilst maintaining an enjoyable pace for all players. In addition, I am glad you have the capability to write scripts to display statistics. Perhaps you should contact developers and submit a resume in order to join the developer team as I am sure they would love to have intelligent and daring talent such as yours.

  • As I have said in other topics as well, I am against automatic turn timers. The game should not automatically end your turn. I haven't seen a game where your turn is automatically done when the timer runs out. (Chess timers are different from what we have at the moment) A timer could be implemented in other ways:

    PlayCatan: If your timer runs out, the other players can vote to either wait longer or kick you out. Then another player from the lobby can come and substitute you.

    BoardGameArena: If you run out of time, your ran-out-of-time counter goes up after the game. Any other player can decide to quit the game without getting a negative penalty. But if you still make a move, the game does on.

    Sometimes turns do take longer, especially with the horrible Catan Universe UI. Automatically ending the turn because the player had to think a bit longer is not good. Especially during trading... Your opponents could intentionally wait longer to accept trade offers, hoping you would run out of time and the turn would automatically end.

    I know they do not want me as paid developer or software tester. They wanted me to test the game for free (and they are using you to do it).

  • @Stroom Could be, we can make a petion for you to join to the developer:smirk: ....

  • @Stroom you have provided a repetitive argument that not only has no relevance to the topic of this thread, but is also one that infringes upon the competitive nature of Catan. Thinking of a good strategy is crucial to good gameplay. However, if you require longer than three minutes to take your turn, that is a personal problem, not a game problem.

  • Do the devs actually read this

  • I am not sure. I didn't think this conversation would get this far.

  • @ADCake In actual Catan tournaments there usually are no time limits to how long you think. I have seen people think for over 10 minutes to place their first settlements and they won the game in the end. Also in tournaments people are allowed to write down a game log, basically the same statistics I'd like to see, but they have to announce it to the tournament organizers. What "infringes upon the competitive nature of Catan" is the fact that we have strict turn-ending timers.

    My posts relevance to the topic? Read the other posts, it is a direct answer to mrolimpa112 - he said you can not analyze the statistics with the 90 second timer and I replied to that.

    Turns taking more than 3 minutes in Catan Universe can still happen because of the horrible interface. Trading screen for instance. So many useless animations. Other players can intentionally wait longer to answer to your trade requests to play the timer against you. I almost never take longer than 2 minutes with my turns but I see cases when you might need longer to make your turns.
    What if you have to go to the bathroom or a mailman is at the door or just someone calling you? The game forcing you to end your turn is not ideal in this case. The game should let other players decide whether the turn should end when the timer runs out or not (in a normal majority vote kind of thing). Why automatically punish players for things they can not control? All I am saying is let the other players decide what to do if the turn timer runs out. Like in PlayCatan.

    Especially in the settlement placement phase, the timer should be much longer. Some people do like to think through all the possibilities. Maybe you don't analyze the board as much as other players but even when you are the 2nd placer, you could predict where other players have to place their settlements after your first one is placed, ensuring that your other settlement also goes on the desired location. Doing that often needs more than 3 minutes. Saying that thinking longer infringes on the competitive nature of Catan is just silly.

  • I believe timers are needed. You also have time to think when it's not your turn.
    Maybe 90seconds is too long.
    I would like to try 60sec, with an addition of 30 seconds per trade proposal.
    On pc things have to move on. You cannot see the others, you don't know why you are waiting and waiting.

    I think there is a crucial point that Stroom misses. This is not a cardboard game. This is internet. You cannot see what the others do. Wait for 10 minutes? What do you expect the others would do, clustered to their pc and aware of nothing? Is this a plea for meditation and introspection? Do you expect the other players are holy monks? I guess most of us want the game to run at a healthy speed. It's what i read in the chats. Of course it takes some more skill to be fast.

    The timers are the same for everyone, so better players have an advantage.
    Play more, you'll get faster.

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