Add friend / block user from in game after game finished

  • Love that you can add friend as well as block user from within the game.

    However, currently you cannot use these features from inside the game if the game has finished - or if the person has quit (which is usually the point at which you decide that you never want to play them again). This seems a bit silly, as it is usually only once you have played through to the every end, and had a good experience, that you decide if you want to add someone.

    It would be great if these functions still worked from inside the game after it has ended. I usually hang around for a few seconds and offer congrats to the victory etc afterwards, and it would be soo much easier to add people as friends then. Now, I still have to waste time going outside and searching them in the friends list to add them, when I could just click on their avatar in-game. Sure you can do this mid-game, but you are never sure of someone until you have played through without them quitting. I've had pleasant chats with people during a game, thinking I would add them as friends, only to have them quit just before I won. Obviously I no longer want to add them as a friend at that point.

    Same with blocking. Unless someone is abusive in the chat, you usually don't know you want to block them until they quit with poor sportsmanship. At which point you can no longer use the block feature in the game.

    The new features are a very big step in the right direction - and my game play has been far more pleasant since their creation (matchmaker also seems better too). However, they don't seem to have been fully thought out in terms of practicalities and work-flow during game rhythms.

    Thanks for adding the feature though

  • It has really annoyed me that the game screen totally changes after someone has won. In addition to not being able to add people as friends... The victory screen appears, can not say GG to the opponents or talk about the game afterwards. Just throw a small pop-up which you can close and allow looking at the stats... Actually you should allow looking at the stats all the time... like in PlayCatan.

    Currently the whole UI is just very strictly "you are now doing A, you can not even look at B".

    But I also like the block and report feature, although it does not work. It is a bit more improved version of PlayCatan in theory but I have not seen it work in practice much.

  • Yeah, I think the feature is a very good step - just has a few kinks to smooth out still.

    I just tried to report a user from in game (abusive in chat, asked the other player to gang up on me after I placed a start settlement on a port it turned out he wanted - the two then proceeded to only steal from me for the rest of the game until my internet dropped out: never been so grateful to have our WiFi crash!). However, it was a very clunky interface. I was trying to write the description of what had happened, but mid sentence it kept moving my text to the chat window. I eventually gave up writing a description in the report, and can only hope that the @administrators can work out my complaint by going through the chat and the log.

    @administrators Has this issue been reported by other players yet? Is there any way to get the text to write only in the report player text field and not into the chat box?

  • Wow. If this is actually happening, I can imagine how messed up the code has to be in the background. Are the developers creating text fields from scratch and not using the built-in ones offered by Unity? Either this or they created something which is throwing around focus between text fields or even using one/many key press listeners in the same scene... Seems quite amateurish to me.
    Also, this forum is weird in a way that it does not keep user sessions. No matter what you do, your session will expire once a month and you have to log in again. Who thought this is a good idea? All other web sites keep you logged in as long as you periodically use the website. Maybe make it so that if you post something or even open the forums once, you reset the logout timer for your session.

    Another thing:
    One line of code to make the word wrap work. Is it really that hard to include in an update? Would take a normal developer less than 10 minutes to implement and test. Might as well make the testers develop your game if we have to resort to that to fix your game :D

  • I haven't hit the session expire issue? But the text wrap lack-of-fix is irritating for sure.

    On a different (well, connected to the original post) issue: my block list is now empty??

    I had blocked two quitters and an abusive player. But now nothing shows?

  • I guess they reset everything every week in early access mode :D

  • I dont know what's your problem - banlist works perfectly for me and still contains more than 40 entries which I did add as soon as option was available.

    Maybe you have to write to support team an e-mail.

  • @mrolimpia112 Yeah, I might take some screenshots and send them through.

    Also @Stroom I got booted out and had to log in again today :)

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