Blocking nameless people?

  • How do you find 'no name' players to block them? I keep coming across players with no typed name - just a blank field. They pretty much always quit if the game doesn't go their way. But you can't search them in the list to find them and block them (not even by typing in a space and searching that)..

    I can't work out how to block a player from within a game either. Tried clicking on the avatar of a person after they have quit, but get nothing. Nothing in the settings menu either.

    On a side note, why are people able to register an account without an account name? I only play in auto-match, so they have to be in the system. Surely you should have to type something into the name field to register?

  • Things like this really call for a lobby system instead of a matchmaker. @Administrator is there a plan to add a lobby? I have not heard any news from the developers or your future game design decisions. The latest updates have all let us down initially.

  • administrators

    @BlueMythril You will only encounter players with no player name when joining a Free-Match (formally known as Quick-Match) . You are able to play the Free-Match without creating an account (look at it as a trail version of the game). If you only want to play with registered useres please use the Auto- or Custom-Match.

    If you want to put players on your block list after they e.g. quit the game , click on the avatar in the statistics screen or enter their name in the search bar in the mainmenu (opening the block menu).

  • @Administrator Cheers - I hadn't tried the avatar in the statistics screen, will do that next time.

    Also, I definitely encountered a player with no name in the auto-match option (I never play free match). I'll take a screenshot next time. But have come across a pink player with a stock standard avatar and no name 3 times now. Every time they quit when game not going their way, They also never use the chat window either

  • Totally agree with @Stroom. I have played other boardgames online and the lobby is the most pragmatic and pleasant way to play. You can choose who you want to play with and the options. Auto-match is just an horrible system where randomness and lack of choices are the main issues.
    Regarding the blocking after quitting which is impossible, here is what I do in EVERY GAME now. I block both players at the beginning, and if they finish the game I unblock them in the stats board. I one player quits, and the second one does it after, I don't block the second one since nobody likes to play with bots.

  • @Athus Very good idea.!

  • what about having the block by name, so that when you block a blank name, you block all blank names?

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