Auto-match options

  • I have noticed 2 things:

    1. after the latest update "-" button for choosing number of players in game is not working, you can only scroll forward with "+"

    2. dont know if that was the same before but under "random map" section there are 3 options: YES / NO / ANY.
      Questions: what's the difference between YES and ANY? Or is that a bug?

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    @mrolimpia112 Any means that you a queuing for games that either are played on random or fixed maps

  • Ok but what "YES" means then? :)

    Given sections is called "RANDOM MAP"...

    My logic would be that if I choose YES = I agree to play random map
    But then if I choose ANY = I agree to play ANY random map? like random x2? :D

  • I think it is obvious...

    NO - you play on the default pre-made map.
    YES - you play on only random maps.
    ANY - you either get the pre-made map or a random map.

    There are really a lot of texts in the game which are confusing. Auto-match and quick-match do not really say anything to a new player.same with yes-no-any and other options in the game.

    Also in the auto-match it would really make sense to not include the scenarios in the default match maker settings. I do not think anyone would like to play harbormaster or the other variant. Base game 3-player should be default with nothing else included. Or 4 players to make new players more accustomed to the hardships of a crowded map - make the players better rather than giving a casual gaming experience. You're not going to make money off this game, at least make the game playable.

  • @Stroom thanks, didn't actually see that point.

    I guess I have to get familiar with the maps and the difference between pre-made default and random maps...

    So far I have encountered pretty much same maps every time - base game map / 4 islands / 3 islands / two islands with fog in between or the great catan map.

    People are very particular I guess :P

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