Whad do the symbols next to each player's avater represent? I mean beyond the longest road and the knights. (the developers should allow similar roll over info similar to the those two)

  • Starting from the top left:

    Road length, if highlighted current player who gets 2 points for the longest road in game.
    Number of activated knights.
    Victory points gained for being defender of the Catan.
    Victory points gained from progress cards.
    Additional bonus points for building settlements on islands.
    Active merchant which is also 1 extra victory points.
    Victory points for having harbors.

    But sure it woul be nice to have that info available in game as well.

  • It's weird that all this is also displayed when playing the base game. The UI should be different based on expansions IMO. Otherwise it's quite a lazy approach to make the game.

  • Can anyone clear something for me, so that symbol (that is like a small white rectangule) shows us the victory points even though they are supposed to be hidden from opponents?

    In the base game I mean.

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