• Hi Canatnians,

    Thank you for reporting that blocked players are still matched into your games. We’re currently investigating this issue. At the moment we believe that a last minute change in the matchmaking system, that was included shortly before the update was released, is the reason for this bug.
    We will apply an update to make sure this functionality works as intended as soon as possible.

    Also the question was raisend on how we will process the reports the users send in.

    First of all: We check ever single report that was send to us! Accounts will be banned if they get reported multiple times in a short period of time and if we are able to verify those reports. The first ban will normally last 1 day. If we recive further reports against an account which already has been banned once, the ban time will rise up to a week or we will have to ban the account entirly from accessing Catan Universe.

  • Hi Catanians,

    Our developers fixed the unfortunate issue with the block list. Now you will not get matched with the users that are on your list anymore.

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