Great Catan doesn't credit new islands

  • You don't appear to get victory points for settling the small islands in Great Catan.

    I have 2 towns on the main island, the longest route, and 1 town on each of two islands. Total = 6 VP out of a target of 18.

    4 x towns @ 1 = 4
    longest route = 2
    ... shouldn't there be another 4 for the two islands? 18 is looking a very long way without them.

  • The Greater Catan rules as far as I know does not give you extra points for settlements on islands as that's they aim of this scenario - move from the mainland.

    Also if I am not mistaken usually this goes until 20 points or that's the case for C&K mode.

    Never the less Greater Catan always is a marathon, have not ended that game in less than 1h 20 min.

  • Yes - but:
    a: The 18 came from the Options menu (note, Seafarers, not C&K)
    b: The almanac suggests you do get islands credits on this game. Perhaps it's a documentation issue?

  • From:

    Special victory points for small islands: In some scenarios (Heading for New Shores, The Four Islands, Through the Desert) [...]. For example, if you have settled 2 small islands, you receive 6 victory points in total.

    This does not apply to The Greater Catan. That's why in that scenario you have 8 cities if I am not mistaken.

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