{0} moves a value chip

  • The game appeared to be stuck mid-turn. I'd rolled the dice, built some roads, and reached a new hex which was showing terrain but no number. The spinner then turned more slowly, and nothing happened - no pop-ups.
    As I randomly clicked around, when I clicked on the centre of a hex that I had a city next to, a tick appeared. Clicking the tick moved the number from that hex to the newly found one.
    After this, the log shows "{0} moves a value chip".

    This feels like there should have been a message/dialog telling me what to do, and that {0} should be replaced with my name.

  • There was no message before either in scenarios where you can move chips from one hex to another.

    As for you name... that might be true even though who cares :)

    If you know the rules of the game you should know what to do next :p

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