Why can't I report a premature leaver?

  • Thumbs up for the latest update. But the report feature misses the actual point: it's not possible to click on (and report) a player once he has prematurely left the game.

  • Totally agree with that. If we are forced to exit the game because of a player leaving early, when can we report the quitter? And this is even worse when it is about 15 mins of wasted time. They should be a graduation with regard to the karma alteration based on how far we are in the game: 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins. And not just a small one.

  • @tadaskay @Frankoiz you can report player under Friends section in the main screen.
    Click on Friends button -> Blocked (probably you wan to add person to you banlist) -> search the nickname -> if found (some players are not and @Administrator haven't explained why) just use available options of banning and/or reporting player.

    p.s. Search works as well under "Friends - Friends section".

  • @mrolimpia112 Till now i was not able to ban anyone. and my report seems not to be sent.

  • Well hard to comment on that one probably question to @Administrator

  • Players are not able to ban other players. They are able to report them or block them. Reported players will be investigated by @administrators and other memebers of our staff. The officiall of USM and exozet are the only ones that will ban players from the game.

  • @Administrator i hope you realize that the game is 90% unplayable because of quitters! And the report option not working on quitters "in-game" so you can receive the game report?! What is it about this? I have to search the player and say ... hey this guy quits, with what evidence? I think I speak for most of the players that we are only playing here because we can not register for Play Catan and it is very disappointing to see so many issues 1 year after the platform was launched! It is still far, far away from what Play Catan has to offer.
    Every day the thought of not playing Catan online comes to my mind, after all the time wasted with quitters ... and this should tell you something!

    PS: we now we can't ban people! I'm pretty sure "elemaj" is talking about banning/blocking that player from playing against him! And how can you investigate a quitter without a game report/chat log?

  • What a misery! What a fuss! There is only one way to stop (almost stop) quitters: a penalty on their ELO points. It's quick, it's transparent, it's simple. If you have to leave, you pay a price. The game continues with an AI in your place and the others can earn ELO points (reduced by 33%).

  • I think the whole matchmaker + ELO + AI substitution system is wrong. Can't fix only one of them to make it all work.

    Quitters getting only negative ELO is pointless. If you do not care about ELO, you just create a new user every time your matchmaker queues get too long. And then you are still placed in a game with good players.

    Lobby please. Matchmaker randomness is not suitable for Catan. This fixes both the AI substitution and quitting problem - game creator can choose to start the game with the people who joined his game or not. If someone's history shows that he is quitting, he can be kicked before the game starts.

    AI substituting players is a horrible decision on so many levels. If you allow players to substitute other leavers, it will increase positive community. If you leave and know AI substitutes you anyway, you really do not care as much about other players. AI should only be in a game when the people want it to be, from the start of the game. AI is probably tweaked for a few scenarios and specific game options. It will not play well with some specific settings when they are added. It would take a lot of fun out of the game if the AI substitutes someone and goes crazy.

    Also, why isn't there a way to create a game with 1-2 friends and AI? Only relying on matchmaker is just horrible.

  • @Stroom How horrible it may be to you, what i'm proposing is very simple and straightforward.
    If you want to make a new user every time, have your fun.
    Why are users quitting when you get 9 or at the start of the game? Because they want a high ELO! Decrease their points and it will stop.
    A substitute is not the best solution, but the remaining players can continue en should be less frustrated. Anyway, the number of leavers will dramatically reduce, problem solved. (The problem of most of us i mean, not your problems :wink: ).

  • I think some quitters don't really care about ELO. The fact that they quit before the game ends, especially when you are at 9 points, is that they do not want to give you the satisfaction of winning, just out of spite.

    This especially in cases when a player quits and the game ends before it is their turn. IMO the winner should still get the full points and the loser loses ELO as usual. No need to mark down that the player quit. Sometimes the winners also act like assholes and they wait until their turn timer runs out to claim the last VP and win. Some even berate the losers. If you quit at this point and the winner plays the winning move, the fact that you quit should not factor into anything. I.e. you only get the quitter penalty if it is supposed to be your turn and you have left the game.

  • @Stroom Yes ,lobby could be a solution, even if i cannot complete imagine, in details, how it works. And yes, Al as substitutes for leavers can really make players more careless, but....how many years will it takes such "big" change?( i mean the lobby) Do we have anywhere an answer from admin or developer about this possibility? And does exist in playcatan an elo or karma?
    About leavers, yes , i think we have very poor ones, leaving because of - 9 elo, and we also have the ´just out of spite´.

  • Users are able to report those players including the game chat and game log when doing so in the end game statistics. Also it was established by useres to already click on the avatar when the reconnect timer is running. As soon as the timer has run out and the report menu is still open the send in report will include all data we need for investigations.

  • the entire karma thing is pointless and will just make people leave the game prematurely and eventually stop playing at all. There's nothing like a fair game! Why should some players have such a big advantage over others? At times it gets so obvious that you have such a poor AI implementation that the entire game becomes ridiculous. Why would a player continue play in such conditions? Improve the AI and you won't have any problem with players leaving prematurely. But I understand that people prefer to point fingers and blame others...

  • Please explain what do you mean by investigation? And what kind of action can you take against quitters? Will you ban someone for just quitting a game, because I don't think so? Maybe some have good excuses, and can be a lot of them. How do you punish a quitter?
    And it makes me bring up Play Catan again! If you were to quit a game you could not enter another game for 5 minutes if i remember well. Why not do that? And a lobby ...., with a rating sistem that worked, and Gzzzz .... Play Catan! This is driving us crazy! How can Play Catan be so good and this such a crap ... after 1 year!!! I don't even have words to describe ... do you people have managers, directors, because I would of been fired a long time ago for such a product!
    Btw: every game that I win I get 4 or 5 ELO points. I just lost one on second place and - 7 ELO points! Christ almighty!

  • How do you gain more "coins" to use in the shop?

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