Several Bug issues

  • After this most recent patch a day ago I've had many problems when i play this game.
    During one game i built a settlement and later on in the game it suddenly dissapeared.
    In another game I used my lv3 knight to remove someone else's lv2 knight and built
    roads to connect my roads to make LR longest road. It did not count my longest road.
    Other games points just dissapearing.
    Another time it was my turn and I just got 5 dev cards it went straight to discard phase when I should be able to use my cards first on my turn.
    After removing someone's knight with your knight you cannot activate with grain.
    Another issue is with cursor clicking when you trying to build settlement the option doesn't
    pop up because you can build ships and roads and those cursor points are blocking the settlement cursor point, you have to click many times to try to find it. Sometimes i run out of time trying to find the cursor point. Thats all for now thanks try to fix these issues


  • Regarding the inability to build a settlement because you get hte wrong type of object (such as a boat), you need to go to your board pieces, click on settlement, then click the checkmark. It will then allow you to place immediately.

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