Why can someone still build on a broken road?

  • Seriously, guys!

    In the actual game, if you break someone's road with a settlement, you can't build anything more in that direction.. no more roads.. no settlement..

    WHY IS ANYTHING ELSE GETTING PATCHED!? I would think to make the catan game have the ACTUAL RULES would be the highest priority.

    sorry for complaining, i love the game, thanks for making it.. but damn this one is simple.

    Edit: For example: You added a quick exit button, but didn't fix the glitch that lets people win games they shouldn't be allowed to

    Edit titel by @administrators: please do not use all caps for the titel of your thread. We can hear you well enough ;)

  • @Jimstr are you ure that is the rule? Can't find any reference online plus always played like it is done in this game => if player cuts your road in between your roads - - - x - - - you can still utilize build roads and continue building ahead.
    Only thing which prevents your from building road further is if player cuts your road or in this case more precise blocks it with settlement / knight in the end of it - - - x, you can't build past that one BUT still can utilize the road before.

  • You can still build on a broken road.

  • Yeah, sorry but you're just wrong about the rules. You can build on broken roads.

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