Block List Not Working?

  • The new block feature sounds like a great idea -- but how can I tell if it's working? Over the past day I've blocked several players while in game, but looking at the "Blocked" list after a game is over, no players are displayed. Also, I've blocked several "noname" players, hoping that would serve as a wildcard for all nonames, but I keep getting put into games with them. Would be great if we could do a blanket block of all non-registered players.

    And one more issue: if a player quits the game and is replaced with the AI, you can't click on their avatar at that point and block them. Basically, you have to block players BEFORE they quit... which doesn't make much sense to me.

    Blocking quitters/abusers/nonames sounds like a great idea, but I'm not sure this implementation quite hits the mark. Unless I'm missing something...

  • You can open the block list on main screen and search by name... But you can't find all players there.
    It seems like they are giving out broken features on purpose to "fix" them when players say what is wrong with them.

  • I managed to find and add pretty much all 50+ people I had in my own made banlist (notepad file + screenshots).

    Didn't find maybe 2-4 players.

    But my question would be also to @Administrator what will be the practice regarding reported players?
    It is clear that I should not get matched by blocked player but I would like them to be banned / penalized otherwise if I know they are quitters and not play vs them they still might annoy others if not penalized.

  • Well, the block list clearly does absolutely nothing. I've been plopped into games with people I've just blocked within the last hour. Would have been a killer feature, but I guess we have to wait.

  • Pity to hear that...will see what will happen with me given I have plenty of people in mine. Will keep you posted.

  • Yep I can confirm that you still get matched vs. people in blocklist. Only difference noticed so far is that there is a symbol besides their avatar that indicates an issues.

    Really not something I was looking for blocklist to do - still have to quit those games not to allow quitters spoil my day.

    Disappointed big time :/

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