• Who are they besides major part of quitters in this community?!?!?!?!??!

  • I think ELO list is broken. Either not updated or people who have not played enough games are not displayed on the leaderboard. Maybe players without an account can select a nickname too. Why take the ELO leaderboard seriously anyway? Admins do not care much about us lately. No mention on how they intend to get rid of quitters.

  • I am just curious given this question has been raised so many times in so many topics but @Administrator still has not clarified it...

    Don't care so much about the list but about the players who are not in it - given the usually are the quitters would like to have an option to play at least vs only people in the list to limit my encounters with quitters.

    Last night again wasted 1 hour in two games where both times quitter was not to be found in the list.

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