This is my own thread with proofs of leavers, wich leave game for 1 turn to finish

  • Too many times people ruinned my games, when they are leave on my last turn. I have 12 of 13 points and way to finish the game.
    Hope you do something with they

    Edit by @administrators: Please do not post players names or send screenshots with their names here in the forums when reffering to missbehavior of that players in the game. You can PM things like that to @administrators or send an email to We will investigte these cases and act according to our code of conduct.

  • Thx will add to my banlist.

  • Is there banlist in this game? How do you use it?

  • administrators

    @m4e We will add for every player to use with the upcoming update. It will also be possible to report players directly in the game for e.g. unsportsmanlike behaviour like leaving a game prematurely.

  • @m4e At the moment i can end only game, in which i dont win....i also played once with you, m4e, and even if i was second, it was a nice game!
    This is the point....what is a nice game?
    I also played with people , which are insulting, if you are not playing good, quick enough! Or people who are anyway very aggressiv, it doesnot matter how you are seems to be true, what Stroom was writing : could be catan universe has some responsabilities, if people are playing in such awful
    way? I was never playing in the old Play Catan, but i was reading in their was a quiete nice comunity!

  • No there isn't but I have created a list on my own and I don't play the games where I am matched with players who are in it.

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