Trading Condition

  • I suggest making an option that forbidding the 1:1 trading rule because i think that makes the game very unbalance. Like every game I play my friend keep trading with the ratio 1:1 that make me feel like all of them are teaming up against me (since I'm the only one disagree with the 1:1 ratio for trading).

  • This is not unbalanced. This is how the game works. What should the players do then? Only trade 3:1 or 4:1 with the bank? This makes the game even more unbalanced - someone gets ahead and the other players have no way of catching up because they do not have enough resources for trading.

    Also, if you always want 2 resources for 1, you are a greedy player. This most likely benefits you more than the other player. I do not really tolerate this and I will most likely steal from a player who got 2 resources for 1 just to prevent him from pulling ahead..

  • If I need something badly enough I frequently offer 2 or more cards. Sometimes you dont have the bank option and people need an incentive to trade.

  • @Stroom You have a catan online game bc you don't have friends to play with, and you harass the devs... You say, "You are a greedy player" when he's talking about trying to win when he feels others are teaming against him.... he even said an option.... which would give you, @Stroom, the option to play how you like, not forcing you to do the 2:1 rule. Why would you tell someone how to play when you don't want others telling you how to play? He's just making a suggestion, his first words being "I suggest" and you immediately motion to tearing him down and calling him a greedy player. Shame on you & enough is enough with your flaming.

  • I don't think he is at fault if he offers 2:1 trades when other players are happy trading 1:1. It's like he wants to bend the rules of the game to fit his needs. Also if you ban 1:1 trading, it will negate the things he is trying to fix. Me saying that he is a greedy player is my opinion. I wasn't trying to be personal. Sorry if it sounded like this.

    I am being critical of the developers because:

    1. They closed a perfectly fine and working Catan site PlayCatan (actually you can still play there if you have a user)
    2. They have been "developing" this game in early access mode for almost a year now and I have not seen any significant changes. Only minor bug fixes.
    3. The game is nowhere near finished and instead of allowing the players to play on a platform which works (PlayCatan), they force people to play in Catan Universe to be their free software testers.
    4. The new things they add to the game are always buggy. Look at the block list, ELO leaderboard for instance. Something fishy is happening with them.
    5. Horrible game design decisions. Why would I keep my silence if this... thing is going to replace PlayCatan? I want the game to be better than the previous version but the developers are letting us all down.

    People who can not play on PlayCatan are of course happy with this version because they don't know how well everything worked on PlayCatan. It had its own problems but they were not as big as the ones Catan Universe has.

  • @Stroom

    Thanks Stroom for every word ! Please, keep on being critical.
    I never played in Play Catan, but im not so happy with this version.
    I was in Play Catan as a visitor, i remark a very comunicative chatting

    • I´m in Catan Universe from the beginning:
      to play here, you never know, which problems you get, but for sure you get some, ( some old, and after the update some new)
      you never know, if you can finish the game, you never know, if you have to leave, because of insulting and very aggressive acting.
      and im not really sure, if it is right, to"work" indeed to play some time for fun, and that over months.
      I ´m still playing.

    • I play this game offline over years, and trade 1.1 is a very basic rule, it is a trade game!
      It is not funny to change only with the bank 4 / 2 : 1 ,
      some players do not trade at all, if they have the possibility to trade with their materials port.
      This is meaning, other players could have some problems more, if they do not posses all the resources,
      particulalry at the beginning.

    • To ask two cards for one, you need a very strong reason .
      Offering two or three for one, it means simply you need help to go on or to save your City,
      not having luck.
      In this case it is important to trade, so that every one can at the beginning develop, otherwise you will always have some players who leaves, having the impression, they can not develop at all, and the game takes mostly more than half an hour.
      I wish more discussion, about the way you can play this game...sometimes you can win with fun and also a kind of fairness.

    Sadly the most posts are about bugs, leavers, block list and constitutional problems, which catan universe has having from beginning till today.

    Please, go on to be critical, it is also a work in sense of all of us, hoping on a better catan universe as.....soon....:flushed: as possible.

  • Dude. I always wants to make a trade, and I will offer 2:1 to get it. Or 3 :1 if I am really desperate.
    In the game I just played. I had a lot of wood, so I don't need it as much, so I offer 2:1 for other things (in the chat). But when someone wants to trade with me, they can't do the 2:1, and he only got 1 wood from me.
    That made me feel like I have cheated him of what I promised (This is the first time I played this game)
    I strongly recommended the option for multiple trades. It seems that you can do 2:1 if the 2 are different items. Say 1 wood and 1 clay.

    Please developers. please add in this function!!!!

  • @blackzero33
    Found out how to trade 2:1 or more!!
    When you trade, press the resource you want to trade, then that card move up a little, then you press the bit of the card that is underneath the card just move up.

  • That trade UI is ridiculous. You are quickly clicking on the same location twice and it adds and removes the card. The cards you are offering should go to another area not on top of your "hand". Please just take a look at PlayCatan trading and copy it. Makes everyones lives easier.

  • Having that as a requirement is not good, but for strategic players 1:1 trading is ridiculous as well (most of the time). For all of the casual players trading 1:1, you need to consider the advantage you are giving to the player whose turn it is. It is not greedy to expect 2:1 or 3:2 when you are trading to the player whose turn it is, it is a balance.

    On the subject of trading, there needs to be an option for non-active players to offer trades to the active player.

  • I agree that players should be able to offer trades to the current player. The current system of "preferred trades" is pointless. The whole trading system should be copied from PlayCatan, you can not make the current one work.

    I don't agree that you should always require 2:1 or 3:2 trades. Doing that would make you seem like an opportunistic asshole in most cases.

  • It is not possible on CU, with the current platform, to make counter offers, right? For example, if an opponent with no access to ore offers me 1 brick for 1 of my ores, it seems I can't counter with 2 bricks for my ore as happens in face-to-face games or on the phone app version of Catan. If this is the case, I would strongly encourage working in this option to make the game more life-like. If this is not the case, please education me folks.

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