quitting is out of control

  • I played 9 games today. My opponents quit in every single game. No ELO points and, on two occasions, a player refused to roll the dice, just to annoy the other players until they finally just quit. This behavior is the fault of the developers, as the quitters are rewarded (no ELO loss, new game to play, and they get revenge for being beaten). It's a terrible flaw in the game that drains the fun from it. The answer is simple: award ELO points regardless of whether you beat AI, as long as you began with real players. And, take way ELO points from players that leave games. It's as simple as that. Without this, this game is being hijacked by petty tyrants.

  • I've been talking for a long time that the whole system is fundamentally bad for the players on several aspects. With PC version you could cram a lot of information on the screen but the GUI at the moment is entirely focused on mobile players. The 3D graphics are a battery-hog so playing this game on mobile devices is pointless unless you are connected to a power outlet. In which case you would rather use a laptop to play the game. And now they have made such game-creation decisions (matchmaker is a horrible idea) that there is no incentive for players to play fairly. The developers don't really seem to listen or care about the issues. Everyone's lives would be so much easier if they just copied PlayCatan 100% and then started making improvements to that.
    It is just unbelievable how Catan owners allow this to happen - taking a perfectly working platform, killing it and not having anything reasonable to replace it for a whole year. Maybe make the new version work first and THEN try to migrate users to the new platform?
    The development is half-assed too. The chat window was obviously not tested at all. Word wrap missing on the text area? Come on! There is no QA on the team if stuff like this gets passed to public. And while typing your shortcut keys are still active. UX is also horrible. Rolling a 7 makes the game stop for 10 seconds because no-one knows what the robber is for /s. No sound indications for when it is your turn. The whole "make it look like you are behind a real table" thing is a horrible idea. It is good for maybe one or two games but after that you get tired and you want everything to be one click away.
    Haven't had an update in a long time either. Every time I am hoping that things would get better but instead they just add more easy-to-implement features instead of fixing old problems first. And then the new features break for some stupid reason... I lost hope for this thing back in March but I am still here because if they completely close PlayCatan one day, this place should not be as horrible replacement as it currently is.

  • I'm now 10 in a row without a single game being finished without someone quitting. This last one, number 10, I was at 9, one other guy was at 8 (and a dev card), and the last player was at 6. Super fun game, no idea who would have won between me and the guy with 8! So exciting!

    Then, the third player quit rolling on their turn. We wait for ages, and then, the guy with 8 quits. Then, the other player logs off a minute later.

    They just sat there, obviously deliberately ruining the game to get back at us for beating them. This is the 4th time out of 10 games this has happened.This is infuriating.

  • PlayCatan had a lobby and other, more friendly players could always substitute a game when someone quit. This new matchmaker and AI substitution combo is just a horrible idea. It just invites bad people to come play and they have no reason to stay if the game does not go their way.

  • What makes matters worse is that so many users don't have a name. I just had both players quite on me when I hit 9 points, and the game closed. At that point it's impossible to even "Block" the players that quit.

  • administrators

    @shepherdmc We suggest - for players who already registered - to use Auto- or Custom-Match for finding other players to play with. Free Match can be used by players without creating an account.

  • @shepherdmc based on what you said it is hard to determine who were you playing vs given phrase "people having no name" makes no sense - player must have a nick to play even if he/she is not registered user.

    In case you mean players who can not be found in friends (friends/block) menu => those are unregistered players and you should follow suggestion by admins.

    In case you haven't seen "friends" menu and option block there do note down that even after a game if you remember player's name and he/she is registered one you can actually look them up via friends section in the main screen and from there block/report them. Which I would highly advice not only to get a better match-ups for yourself in future but also to benefit cleaning this community up.

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