Is quitting the only way to leave a match?

  • I can't seem to find any other way of returning to the lobby other than quitting the match. Also, I've won several matches, but they haven't been logged in my record, could quitting be the cause of this?

  • LOL. Why would you quit would be the only question? :)

  • Because the round is over, a winner decided, and I'm stuck looking at a statistics page.

  • In that case - yes. It is normal way to do it and probably should be called leaving not quitting.

  • any idea why my wins aren't registering. Do I have to be a paying member, or enter into ranked matches or something?

  • @Administrator still have not clarified to me regarding difference in registered / not registered players and players to be found in ELO leader-board thus I can only assume that if you are not registered player your stats for sure are not tracked.

    If you have registered an account and play through client game not browser (the way I do) your stats should be tracked and visible under your profile in the game.

  • that might be the difference than. I play in browser (I have a mac). Thanks for the info!

  • No that is not the difference.... I play in client too and it doesn't track any of my wins at all. And offcourse I have signed up having an account with name and avatar...

  • We will include a more intutitive button to leave the game after it is finished with the upcomming update.

  • @Administrator - Please do because I am having the same problem, just noticed it. Cheers!

  • Thank you; I have the same problem. I've won three games, none of which show up in my statistics (playing browser, Chrome, logged in) and I can't figure out how to leave the finished game without quitting either. I assume this is why I've lost my wins?

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