Shortcut n and space while chatting

  • Mind I give a small comment to the game development of the game. I love chatting with my fellow game mates during the game. However, there were more than one time when I typed space while chatting that made me accept a proposed trade as space is the shortcut to accept trade. Hope this can be improved.

  • @Joey-Chan Fascinating to learn that space accepts a trade. Do you know if there is a shortcut key for declining a trade?

    Is there a list of shortcut keys anywhere?

  • administrators

    @Stanbey If you are using the client version of the game you are able to set the shortcuts freely bevore starting up the game. Choose the input index tab.

  • @Stanbey Esc is supposed to be the shortcut to decline an action according to the "did you know" messages. However, if you play in the web version, esc makes you quit the full screen mod ...

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