• Playing Catan in the COW is still much better than Catan Universe (CU). I urge those making decisions to keep the COW open for play. Trading is much better in the COW than CU. In COW you an propose trades when it is not your turn and it does not slow down gameplay. This is missed in CU. The 3D graphics in CU slow down gameplay and can make the game lag. The metagame in the COW is missed very much in CU. Overall the COW is a much better product. I would very much like it to remain open. I would gladly pay to play in the COW. I would not pay to play in the CU as is.

  • From the above said counter offer in trading is actually a very vital option.

    Now when I see a need to do it usually it is done in chat but that solution is greatly affected by how much people focus on chat, can they understand the language or do they read chat while their turn time (which is limited).

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