science lvl 3 and other bugs...

  • Really, even the forum is bugged, I see to only be able to post in the Play Catan section at this moment, tried several times and I'm on the Catan universe, feedback Catan Universe/ technical/ C&K string... crazy. So be aware this is a C&K Catan Universe bug post...

    Level 3 Science city improvement bug with AI
    I noticed in several C&K games against 3 AI's that when the AI has 3rd lvl of city improvement in science and he doesn't get anything on a dice roll, that he actually chooses a commodity. The rules however state that you can take a resource, not a commodity and I as a real player can't take a commodity in this case, only resources... There should not be alternative rules for AI's, they should be bound by the same rules as human players.

    Dumb AI decisions
    It seems AI has improved play a little bit, but still holds lot's of cards without building at times and then looses them on 7 roll.
    Also in my last game AI played a deserter card but had allready two lvl 1 knights and no free places to build a new knight. Next thing he does is upgrade a knight and build a street. If he had played the deserter card after thatm he would have had an extra knight, that is just dumb.)

    Why are they holding so many cards and don't even build a street?

    Also all statistics are at zero, no wins in Single or Multiple player, eventhough I won many games. You're not keeping statistics at this moment?

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    Thanks for reporting these issues. While we read all reports in the forum, we can't always reply to every topic. The AI is still being worked on. Esp. the problem of AI players "hoarding" ressources is already adressed and a new AI update is currently in internal testing

  • @Administrator What about AI choosing a commodity instead of a resource when they don't get anything on a dice roll and have lvl 3 science?

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