Bug on Cities and Knights

  • So I was playing the Cities and Knights expansion and had 12 victory points. When it wasn't my turn the barbarians attacked, and I had the most active knights. It correctly gave me defender of catan and my 13th victory point, but it didn't end the game. When the dice got to me it still didn't end the game, and I had to put up a settlement in order to get my 14th victory point before it finally ended the game. I'm assuming the code only checks if you've won if you receive a victory point during your turn.

  • There is a lot of lazy programming going on. Wow.

  • Ive opened another topic with bugs i met during my first games..

    Doesnt worth wasting time on playing this game online.. too much problems ruines the fun..

    I realy got pissed off!

  • Remember that this is a work in progress, not a released product. Reporting these bugs helps the developers fix them. Complaining does nothing.

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