Random game crash

  • Today closer to the end of the game it suddenly crashed for yellow player and later on also for me.

    This is the message which says to forward it to you @Administrator


  • The game does crash sometimes. Less now than in the past. You can restart it where you left off by going back in and returning to the scenario that crashed and hit the "play" button (It will be lighted). Also, there is a "continue" button just to the right of the "start" button when you expand a specific scenario.

    When a game crashes, you kinda want to get back in to finish it up! Good Luck with returning to the game in progress.

  • I know about reconnecting but game havent crashed before for me plus havent seen this message before (in screenshot).

    Plus this time it crashed just before other player won so I reconnect and just say in chat gg but my screen still showed game in progress, no end game title and winning player still had 15 instead of 16 winning points. So it might be the case that this crash ruined the game and stats for all of us + might look like I did it on purpose.

    Tried to reconnect right away again and when game reloaded there was no option to reconnect = that game was done for good...

  • I played 3 to 4 games today and all of them either the game crashes or when I am about to win it bugs, and I cant build anything, cities/ settlements disappears. Also, people keeps quitting when they lose. Please fix these problems.

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