Add sound to timer / start game / start turn

  • Dear developers could you please add some sort of sound (annoying preferably) for game start / turn start as well as timer.

    Otherwise there are multiple issues with 3.

    Start game / start turn - in my view should be default, not able to turn them off given SO MANY players just miss the start of the game (quite often quit after IA has placed settlement + road for them) as well as go afk as soon as some player has to think more than 10 sec and they almost never come back in time (again increasing risk of quitting and prolonging game time).

    Finally about timer - current display mode is barely visible, especially if you are focused on to-do things pretty much invisible. I have had so many cases where it seems I just started but time just runs out and I am caught with 8+ cards which usually ends up losing at least half of them.

    Sound like a tick per last 10 sec or at least one warning sound when countdown beings would be nice to have.

    Alternative - display the counter in more visible place and preferably not in white font (game board / bottom right corner on the button to roll / finish turn etc.).


  • @mrolimpia112 I like the idea to have a sound when the game starts. If you have to wait a long time to be matched up, you might get distracted and miss the game you´ve been waiting for so long. But I would prefer if this was optional, so I can choose if I wanna stare at the screen or read a book while waiting.

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