Won't let me click to build settlements and roads in single player

  • When I'm doing the single player game, the game will not let me build settlements or sometimes roads when I click on the space that I'd like to build. It mainly happens with settlements, though sometimes the screen won't let me click anything.
    Anyone else having this problem?

  • Yeah, I am having this problem too, intermittently. When this happens, I fall back to the old method of scrolling down to the pieces in reserve and clicking on them. When I do this the white circles appear on the board on the places where it is legal to place the settlement, road, or city.

  • Are you using the browser or the client version of the game?

  • Client. Happened to me a few times too.

  • Client, Seems like the board interface of the game thinks that I do not have enough resources to build the settlement or city, but the discard pile logic is working fine.

    Note: I also got hit with this the other day when trying to promote two knights for free. I had a strong knight, and two basic knights. I promoted the first basic knight and pressed the check mark, and it ended my turn. I learned later, that I can only have a max of 2 strong knights, so the game was right. But I was going crazy trying to get the game to allow me to select that second basic knight. The interface should give you a clue in all these scenarios as to what is wrong.

    If you click on an intersection or side, and there is nothing you can do, it should pop up, "no legal action" or some clue that it is not just hung up.

  • Client. it's happening to me as well.

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