Through the Desert

  • I am trying out all the Seafarers Scenarios with Cities and Knights (C&K) and am enjoying myself. Good Job guys! In the rules for the board game, it states that the best combined Seafarer and C&K is Heading for New Shores and Through the Desert. We have enjoyed playing this combination with our friends, and I wanted to get some practice. However, this Scenario is not yet in Catan Universe Early Access. The rules seem simple enough, and I just played the 4 Islands combination last night, and you have already implemented the 2 victory point per player on a foreign island.
    How hard would it be to implement this scenario? This is an important one for C&K since it is one of the few scenarios with a large land mass to develop, and not a lot of "extra" rules that tend to take away from C&K play.

  • administrators

    @StanCason Thanks for your suggestion. I will forward it and we will have a look at it. we are always looking into ways of expanding our scenario selection.

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