can not connect

  • Hi,

    With aplet, Wrong name or password.

    On the http page :

    Etat HTTP 500 - org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not open connection

    type Rapport d''exception

    message org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not open connection

    description Le serveur a rencontré une erreur interne qui l''a empêché de satisfaire la requête.


    javax.servlet.ServletException: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not open connection

    cause mère

    org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not open connection
    sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor56.invoke(Unknown Source)

    Best Regards


  • Same here!!

  • Same for me i had to create another account to send this post

  • Same here, does it affect everyone or just some people ?

  • Me too, but I could log in here.

  • Yep. Same here

  • @lennier I wonder if they are finally trying to purge the old catan. Thats a shame too because the new site is terrible. I tried to change my password for this login too but it wouldn't let me. It won't let me click on, current password when I try to change my account password.

  • Same here. Catan log-in does not recognize my password that has worked for years.

  • @lennier said:

    Me too, but I could log in here.

    Yeah me too but can't login or reset my password.

    I wonder if everyone is having the same problem.

  • did anyone here preregister with catan universe?

  • @smurfnturf yes, I did.

  • I can't get the damn game to load. Maybe you can reset your password on Catanuniverse and it will reset your password on playcatan. No idea if that will work but its worth a shot

  • @smurfnturf It's not working... I've tried that 5 hours ago and still can't log in in Play Catan. Now I'm writing both passwords every time I'm trying to log in...

  • Ya it didn't work for me either

  • I hope it's going to work again.. this catan universe sucks so bad... it cant compare to old one..why did they even bother... i like this game, don't ruin it !!

  • Looking at the news on Playcatan, the server was moved back on May 10th. This was almost exactly 6 months ago. Figure there's a day or two of grace, and now all the accounts have auto-expired on PlayCatan.

    In 10 hours, they'll get this all straightened out IMO. Hopefully the right one of the technical guys will decide to start their work week early.

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