Karma question

  • I have two questions:

    1. is 5 stars max Karma level and it is as straight forward as either you have none or one till 5 stars or there is still some points / smaller unit or Karma?

    aka are two players with 5 stars of Karma ALWAYS equal in this parameter?

    1. what about Karma setting for unregistered players?

  • From what I can see, nobody checks the karma box anyway

  • Yes but it should affect gameplay I guess...so when people with 5 stars face 3 star players for example I guess it should benefit somehow 5 star players...

  • The Karma Level gives you an indication if a player is reliable and finishes multiplayer games he or she started. You can´t rise above 5 stars since it already shows that you finishes every game. Your karma will rise when finishing consecutive games and it will fall if you quit prematurely.

    Since unregistered players can only play the trail version of the game (Quick-Match) we are evaluating how much tracing of the karma is necessary.

    Registered players should manly use the Auto-Match or Custom-Match option to play the game.

  • Thanks for the clarification.

    Given that I might suggest looking at option in auto-match when you tick "karma" - almost always I try ticking it but usually it brings available player number to 0 or max 1 even if without the box ticked there are 5+ people available.

    In the end (karma not ticked) I am matched with players who either finish the game (not checking those cases but I assume their karma should be 5 at least in some cases) or in the worst case quite but after checking their stats I see 5 star Karma almost always.

    So this is sort of an issue in two ways:

    1. karma filter might not be working properly
    2. as we know people do quit forcing the game to close => karma remains high.

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