Please prevent dead games!

  • Over 66% of games are ending on someone else's roll and they've either fallen asleep or just straight left. Can we can a computer bot to kick people out if they haven't rolled in a certain period of time? As well as put them on AI until they click "I'm Back" or something?

    Making this awesome software almost unplayable. :(

  • There is nothing awesome about this game. Every decision bout managing game has been horrible compared to PlayCatan, the previous platform. The problem here is that the system is built in a way that there are no incentives to be a good player in this game. If you do not go over the time limit and finish your games, you should get + points. If you quit or delay the games, you get - points. Based on your score you can play with more reliable players. Super easy. Sadly the developers are slow to make this thing work.

    Please look at the player comments on Catan game on Steam. They have abandoned the game and were slow to make any meaningful bugfixes over there too. Everything about Catan Universe stinks.

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