Progress Card Colors

  • Re: C&K - Progress Card colours invisible

    I completely agree with the above posters comments that it is important to know what color progress cards an opponent has. For example, if you have the Spy card, it is helpful to know what colors opponents have if you are hoping to steal a particular type of card.

    One additional point related to this ... when making a decision to choose a Progress card when there is a tie in defending the island of Catan, it would be helpful to know what color Progress victory card opponents may already have. If one opponent has the Yellow Commerce Progress victory point and another the Blue Politics Progress victory point, I might decide to choose a Green Science Progress card in the hopes of pulling the victory point. Again, the need to know what colors an opponent has.

    Since the above post was 6 month old at the time of this posting, I decided to re-post on the topic as this doesn't appear to have been addressed.

    Thanks for considering ...

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