Admins, when was the last time you updated?

  • Ive seen multiple people reporting the same bugs over and over with the response from admins, "Were working on it." But i havnt seen any update in, well god I dont know how long and the bugs are really chipping away on the pbase. Can you announce ANY things youve been able to fix ?

  • A week without a response ? This looks bad

  • You have to get used to the fact that a fix happens 2-3 months after the time it is being reported. If you look at other USM and exozet apps, they do not really offer any reasonable tech support to any of their products. Their other Catan, Carcassonne or any other board game versions do not see patches to their mistakes for several months. If most of the users do not complain, they are OK with it because you already paid for the product so deal with it. This is the usual mentality of the app developers nowadays.
    Seriously, open registration for PlayCatan @Administrator @KOSMOS @Developers stop this madness.

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