Bug when starting a game

  • Had a bug when starting a multiplayer game of the basic game.

    {“message”:”invalid hexadecimal representation of an ObjectId: [undefined] (modules/ChallengeRegistrations.js#535)”}



  • This message was generated, by the way, after the waiting screen disappeared. The game itself had not opened yet. Also: Multiplayer games don't start or it takes an aweful long time for any game to start. So long that I decided to not play anymore today.

  • got the same error since today. hope its fixed soon?

  • Thanks for the reports. We are investiagting the issue.

  • Our developers where able to identify the issue and resolved it. Everything should be back to normal. Please keep us informed if it should pop up back again

  • @eekie043 I had the sme, now it is fixed, but it takes too much time to start a game, somehow it doesnt start at all, even if 10 free players are waiting

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