WANT TO CHANGE HOT KEYS!? Here's the fix!

  • When first launching the game (close your existing game and relaunch), go to the input tab and double click on the keys to enter your own key. (Taken from @PersonAD ) THANKS BRUH

    I change mine to some bs i'll never use.

    On an unrelated topic.. when I pull a development card and it's a VP, it'd be cool if it didn't display that to everyone else I'm trying to beat lol

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    @Jimstr Thanks for sharing the tip. For clarification this only works for the client version of the game.

    To the urelated topic: When playing a C&K scenario the VP point cards get displayed (accroding to the rules). This is a little bit different from the base game /seafarer ruleset where they stay hidden until the end of the game.

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