"Error Request Already Processed" - followed by game freeze

  • Had this a few times now, where the error message flashes up, and then game freezes. I am suspecting that this is what happens when players become AIs without realising.

    There was no timer, nothing to indicate any connection issue. Yet the game froze, and after restart I could not rejoin the game (suggesting the timer had already started, as of the error message, and the game only 'froze' on my end once the timer had run out).

    A few times people became AIs withouot any heads up their end, and I suspect this is what is happening.
    One time I got the error message, and restart the game client as soon as it flashed up. Had no dramas rejoining the game then.

    Also, on the times where I tried restarting the client too late, when I relaunched it, it started off with me logged out (which is unusual), before my avatar suddenly appeared again.

    Definitely something glitchy.

    Got a screenshot, all it does is prove my confusion in the game chat. But still, it shows that I certainly had not left (maybe you can compare the times in the screenshot with your system's record of the game somehow?).

    Doubly frustrating, as it happened after the only other player left in the game (we'd already had a rage quitter) had played a cunning move and split my longest road. I wrote to them to say kudos, and then the error message came up. Now it probably looks like I too was a rage quitter, and I don't like that :(

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