Why isnt there a shaming Forum for players Leaving ?

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    This just happens too often. People leaving when someone else has 9 points. They should be penalized, losing karma, what is this kindergarden? There should be a hall of shame where people can report players and when they have enough reports they get banned. Easy as that

  • Please do not post screenshots or names of player who misbehave in the game here in the forums. We do not want a public shaming forum here.

    You are free to send us a screenshot of the situation to catanuniverse@usm.de and we will investigate the case and act according to our code of conduct. As soon as the in game report tool is available for our users you will be able to report and block other players directly in the game. When reported we will start an investigation of the case; when blocked you won´t get matched with this user again.

  • There a also a lot of early leavers: quitting when their starting position doesn't look good. It looks less frustrating, but is is equally reprehensible. It increases their percentage of winning games in a fraudulent manner.

  • Maybe we should use some alternative forum for shaming :)

    And they are losing karma if quitting rather than forcing game close. Just that based on latest info you can actually quite quite a lot of games before you lose any of you karma and then gain it back as quickly by actually playing and winning some games...

    So current system still is encouraging quitters all you can do is ban them all and not play vs them.

  • My suggestion is BAN for 12-24 hours for players who leave a game in the end, that his opponent can't get ELO points.

  • I would actually appreciate at least a section managed by Admins only where verdicts would be available.

    In that way we would:

    a ) know which players to avoid 100% as sometimes players might leave because they have other business to do and it is not a given that such player cant get banned at the same time he/she might be a decent player not a proven/regular quitter;

    b ) community would see that our effort (reporting) has actually some consequences and action is taken;

    c) quitters / "bad" players would also fear the next ban as at the moment it seems that people are still quitting and not very "scared" or report/banlist option.

  • Would it really help? You get on that list, you create a new account.

    What if the player stops quitting but he is still on the list? People would still make him an outcast and refuse to platy with him.

    Hate feeds hate. Can't you just hope best from other players and not have any prejudices against each other?


  • Well that will be at least a sign of progress otherwise there are only talks on forums that something will be done...

    To create a profile you need an e-mail... not sure you can have multiple profiles under same e-mail if so e-mails should be banned not nicks.
    But all in all of course people will be eventually able to overcome this obstacle but at least quitters would need to put some effort to do it.

    And that's all bs - if people play a game they should know that there are not 2, 3 or 4 winners in this game, just one. So in every game 2 or 3 people will lose. If they can't do it properly...not sure why should we tolerate them or treat equally vs. players who do play without quitting...

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