Unable to make trades because same trade appears in trade menu all the time

  • In one of my games I wanted to trade with the bank. I wanted to trade 4 resources of the same type for a resource of choice. But I got a trade request from a player to trade a resource 1 for 1. I didn't want to trade with him so I tried to deny the trade and cliced on the "X". Problem is that his trade didn't dissapear when I was in the trade menu. I could just build buildings with the resources I had, but when I opened the trade menu, his trade was always there and I couldn't deny it. I had the same problem all my next turns. Every time I opened the trade menu, the 1 for 1 trade appeared, couldn't click it away so couldn't trade for the rest of the game. This has happened to me only once.

    I hope my message was a bit clear and you understand the problem I was experiencing :)

  • administrators

    @PuddyMacRum Thanks for the report. We are investigating the issue.

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