Can AI access future die rolls? And are repetitive sequences more common?

  • I often notice that after the ai puts the robber on a tile that number gets rolled. I've also noticed that when the game crashes and I get back into the game, that the game was backed up one or two turns earlier and the same numbers are rolled. Could it be that the ai does a minimax that has access to the expected die rolls? Or is it just my noticing the negative results more strongly than the positive ones?

    I've also noticed that many times the same sequence of numbers occur quite often. There are phases that it just rains 7s or 5s or sometimes even rare numbers such as 3s...

  • I really think the random method/class the developers use is broken. I have seen random methods just return the same number a lot of times in a row when under heavy load. This might be happening to you too.

  • administrators

    @guidocalvano The AI has no access to the dice roll mechnaisms. And it can only "predict" the dice roll based on the normal satistical distribution (meaning 7 is the most common roll after that 6 and 8 and so on).
    About the dice roll you get again when reloading the game. The first thing which is saved in a game are the dice roll. Meaning when loading a game which was saved a few rolls before you quit you will get the same dice you had before leaving the game (unsaved). This is a littte cheat protection we put in so useres don´t quit singleplayer games in order to get the results they want ;)

  • @Administrator By the way, there is also a bug in the single player that if you lose a game, and you then quit, you can still open your old game if you didn't start a new game immediately. And the game you then get is not at the last turn, but one or two turns ago. The subsequent dice rolls are then also repeated.

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